God Makes No Mistakes....

God Makes No Mistakes....
What I live by....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Seeing It Through My Eyes..

So last night I went out to Central Station in Eastpoint, and let me remind you I have not been out there for a year now. Well, as I was in Central Station it just didn't move me how it would of a year ago. I guess if people could see what I saw through my eyes then maybe people would have different perspective on what I’m feeling and how I was looking at people. Not that I am passing judgment on anyone so let me make that perfectly clear, but I think that where I am right now the Station isn’t the place for me anymore. I saw women walking around half dressed (let’s remember it was 20 degrees outside last night), guys sagging out of control, fights, and just a lack of representation of themselves. I guess in my mind I wonder if people ever take life seriously and grow up and work on being a better person. I can understand most get out on the weekend to rid themselves of the stress of the week, and I get like that too, but not to the point where I am losing myself and my morals, values, and ethics. I can look back over my life and be thankful, because the decision I’ve made may not have all been the best decisions, but they were learning decisions and I can truly embrace that. Guess the root of the problem for me is that as race we are SO LOST!!! We live by these rap songs and what we see on television versus just living for ourselves and making US happy, now we have to live for other people. I must admit there was a time in my life that people’s opinions of me made me want to change and live to make them happy and like me. As I got older and out of high school I really could careless what the next person said about me or what opinion they drew of me, because until ANYONE can get to know me then you don’t know me at all!!! I believe that’s why I can put high school ways behind me and keep moving forward, because people in high school didn’t know me and heck I didn’t even really know them because we ALL are different people, and grow into the person we are going to become as an adult. So until you truly get to know a person when asked by someone oh you know Toni, just respond by saying I know of Toni. Because honestly, there are not many people that really KNOW Toni or KNOW everyone they are cool with for that matter, you just merely know of that person.

I’m saying all this to say that it saddens me at times the way WE conduct ourselves as individuals and the way we chose to handle our situations. My grandmother use to say just mind your own and live long, and I really never took heed to what she was saying, but now as an adult (knocking on 30) I can really understand what she means by that, totally!!! People think I’m heartless, nonchalant, and that I don’t care etc but really all it is that I chose not to engage in the madness and I can not live my life contingent on what the next person thinks or says about me. I express to my readers to just focus on your position in life and live it the way that God planned for you to live it, and as hard as it can be don’t worry about the next person and their thoughts or views about you. Let’s just make better life decisions and look toward your future not just the present, because God willing you’ll have SO much living to do, so begin to Reposition Yourself!!!

Til next time…. This is my E! True Hollywood Story!!!

Many blessings guys and gals,

T-Watt (Toni)


  1. Girl definitely! I saw some of the same things @ "Seduction" not long ago including a chick literally grinding/riding a dude's lap @ the bar (w/ clothes on, but still...). Chicks wondering sometimes why they aren't respected but their actions contribute to that. You can't control others but the way you carry yourself dictates a lot.

    As my mom says... thank God for individualism so that you don't have to be like some of the people you see.

  2. Its so crazy cause I was just telling my honey about this how we use to go everywhere remember? If it was a ghetto spot and the music was on point we was there! But eventually it became the same faces in different places, its like no one was trying to move forward! I bet you saw some of the same folks we use to see back in 2004, damn shame! As we have moved forward the same foolishness just isnt as understandable because we know better. You have to know better to be better and I just thank God that we have grown enough to know better!Sirloin just dont taste the same after filet mignon!