God Makes No Mistakes....

God Makes No Mistakes....
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Monday, February 15, 2010

State of Emergency...

This is something that I wrote a few years ago..... I am open for any comments so feel free to comment.....

State of Emergency

It just amazes me the things that we glorify now in the human race to the point that it saddens me. All the things that have gone on recently in the news everyone has their opinion on it and you are definitely entitled to that, but do you ever wonder why or think to yourself that things in the world are starting not to make any sense. Why is it that a law has to be passed for young men to pull their pants up and for women not to wear low waist jeans because it exposes their butt crack? Why is it that people do not own up to their faults and take whatever punishment(s) come their way? These are some of things that I sit and wonder about now a days and again it saddens me to know that we are glorifying bad behavior.

Our children have been exposed to a world of violence and crime and seems like all they can turn to is the radio and television. Now don’t get me wrong it’s nothing incorrect with children watching television but maybe it should be monitored a little closer and it’s the same thing with the radio. I use to hear people say well they are going to hear or see it sometime and that is true no need to shelter your children from reality, but ask yourself can your child read, write, do long division, multiply etc. but I bet they can SUPERMAN (that is a dance for those that don’t know) or they know the words to the latest rap/r&b songs out. Some of our children can’t even stand the sight of homework and they are 3rd graders, and some of them do just enough to get by, and I got this information from a dear and close friend who from time to time goes and volunteer’s her time at her daughter’s school. Man, I am just flabbergasted because in 3rd grade it’s alright for a child to want to do just the bare minimum to pass. Forget about trying to excel anymore and I often wonder if that word “EXCEL” is being used enough in society. Our children are a fundamental part of our society they are our futures and they need guidance and development to become better adults for the future and for me this is a state of emergency.

Our legal system is funny, because I would like to think that if I ever got myself into any kind of trouble I know my parents can afford the best legal defensive team out there today, but the only problem is I am just your average citizen, so for me the average citizen I wouldn’t get special treatment as those who have a “name” for themselves. For example Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, TIP, and Linsey Lohan (just to name a few) have all gotten themselves in situations that have changed the way society looks at them as individuals. And the media, parents, friends, family, and just normal people make excuses for their bad behavior. Again I go back to glorifying bad behavior because we get into situations sometimes those we can and can not control but at the same time we do have a choice. I think sometimes people forget to think before they act, and it’s important to understand that EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION!! And for those actions someone has to be held accountable. We have to stop feeling like just because someone has a name that “oh I feel bad for them” but at the end of the day what people don’t realize is that those individuals (whoever they maybe) they had a choice and whether it was good, bad, or indifferent it was still a choice they made and until people (society) can face the facts and stop making excuses for these celebrities (and even the common criminal) then I think we can limit the “glorifying” of bad behavior.

No, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else and no I don’t think I am a preacher, but I am a person who is living in this world and I see the bad behaviors that are being glorified, and it is heartbreaking because what does our future hold for us as a society? I named this piece a State of Emergency because that is JUST what it is an emergency! I want people to open their eyes to this bad behavior and try to being a change. One of TJ Jakes books which is titled Reposition Yourself, and as a society that is what we need to try and embrace a transformation so we can reposition our society, communities, children, finances whatever the change I just think that it is high time for people to get a little bit more serious about life and Reposition Themselves to start making sense out of life and stop glorifying bad behavior, because if not our country is in a world of trouble!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hold True To What Matters

I'm a first time mom and when you have kids they don't come with instructions on how to raise them and how we're suppose to be as parents. I sometimes wonder why men get SO disconnected with their children?? You have some that are excellent fathers and some who aren't and some who women feel that they have to teach these young men to be fathers. I know for me I don't have the time or the patience to teach a man how to be a man!!! I pray that I that one comes my way that knows how to be a man, a father, a provider, a husband etc. In my opinion there are women out here who mess up the game when dealing with these men and these men tend to carry that on with them in their next relationship. Some of these women allow "fathers" to pop in and out of a child's life just because that is the father, and to me I think the child suffers with that kind of relationship and it's unhealthy!! Again I am NO expert I just think that as women we have to stick to our guns and hold true to what matters to us. I know what a MAN is and a FATHER, because I have a VERY good model to follow in my home, and he's my dad.
Times are changing and things aren't normal, but sometimes I try to be normal and definitely learn from things in my past. I slip up and I am not perfect I am HUMAN, but I know for my sanity I have to remain true to myself!!! Women I would like for you all to stay true to yourself and know your worth, and stop settling because you think you have too!!!! Work on yourself and stop allowing men to be the reason why you lose yourself and your worth!!!!!

Till next time.....E! True Hollywood Story by Toni

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not Wasting Time...

I just wonder sometimes IF I will ever get to have true love and be with someone who makes me happy and loves Karis and I to death. I know and understand relationships are work and you have to work at them in order for them to flurish into something more. However, for me I have to do better at sticking with my standards and not settling for anything less, because I find myself wasting time and time is something that I don't have a lot of!!! I believe I have passed up on some REALLY good guys in the past, and I know this I just wish I my focus was different back then. Now in 2010 I can't cry over spilled milk so I have to keep going and know that my dream guy is still out there somewhere and we're going to come together and our drive for life, happiness, love, success ALL of that wonderful stuff is the same. My very close friend told me that you have to have a guy that shares your drive and is trying to move in the same direction as me. Definitely words to live by!!!!!

Till next time this is T~Watt and this is my E! True Hollywood Story!!!!

Love you all and goodnight!!!!

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