God Makes No Mistakes....

God Makes No Mistakes....
What I live by....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hold True To What Matters

I'm a first time mom and when you have kids they don't come with instructions on how to raise them and how we're suppose to be as parents. I sometimes wonder why men get SO disconnected with their children?? You have some that are excellent fathers and some who aren't and some who women feel that they have to teach these young men to be fathers. I know for me I don't have the time or the patience to teach a man how to be a man!!! I pray that I that one comes my way that knows how to be a man, a father, a provider, a husband etc. In my opinion there are women out here who mess up the game when dealing with these men and these men tend to carry that on with them in their next relationship. Some of these women allow "fathers" to pop in and out of a child's life just because that is the father, and to me I think the child suffers with that kind of relationship and it's unhealthy!! Again I am NO expert I just think that as women we have to stick to our guns and hold true to what matters to us. I know what a MAN is and a FATHER, because I have a VERY good model to follow in my home, and he's my dad.
Times are changing and things aren't normal, but sometimes I try to be normal and definitely learn from things in my past. I slip up and I am not perfect I am HUMAN, but I know for my sanity I have to remain true to myself!!! Women I would like for you all to stay true to yourself and know your worth, and stop settling because you think you have too!!!! Work on yourself and stop allowing men to be the reason why you lose yourself and your worth!!!!!

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